President's Message

I am delighted to write my first President’s comments of the Rotary year 2017/18. We have been so busy in recent weeks and months discussing and implementing change and harmonisation of Club affairs that the handover evening came along much more quickly than I expected. Carole and I really enjoyed the evening at Chineside and it was great to see so many members of both groups at the event. As we have discussed we are a bigger and growing club. Even in the short time since handover I have held an information evening with a future member of the Business Networking Group (BNG), another individual has sought to join Tuesday Evening Group (TEG) and next week I will be inducting another new BNG member.

I think all this will take us to 34 members making our target of 40 look even more achievable. The big challenge for the Club is to reflect increased membership into increased impact both from fundraising and personal service. I am grateful for all of the contributions made by members during our consultation on change and harmonisation. I know that some members were concerned that we could lose opportunities for fellowship if we changed the pattern of meetings, however having just gone through our diary with Carole, the newly released programme does, I believe, offer at least as many fellowship based events as we ever had and probably more. Club Service have added a number of fellowship focussed events and it would be great if other members/committees could identify available dates and plan events as have Don and his committee with the Holton Lee BBQ. I really enjoyed the Lytchett Musical Festival and the meal beforehand. It was excellent to see 14 members and partners at what was a splendid if hot event. The overall winner was Sam a very good pianist who, if the District Music Competition goes ahead this year, would be a very good representative of our Club.

I know that some of you have been thinking about the District Conference which is being held at the Aegeus Bowl Southampton on Friday/Saturday 13/14 October. As news of the changes we have made and the increase in our membership spreads, Dimpee has been asked to speak on the Saturday afternoon about the formation of the BNG and the subsequent harmonisation of Club activities. I hope many of you will definitely attend on the Saturday to support her and potentially answer questions from other delegates as to how we are getting on. The cost per delegate day is £15.00 and the Conference registration has been open for some time.

Thank you all for your support, encouragement and fellowship I am looking forward to my year as President much more than I did the first time. We have an excellent programme in place and ambitious plans for every committee.

Have a great summer!! Roger Allen, President 2017/18. Club Speaker

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