Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to Poole Bay Rotary Club members for their service to fundraising not only in this past Rotary year but in the many years which have preceded it. I also thank you all for the warm welcome that both myself and all other BNG members have had since joining this proactive and passionate Club. The aim from the Fundraising Committee in the approaching Rotary year will be to both continue and enhance projects already established within the Club, as well as introducing some new ideas and events which we can all enjoy and make a huge success. As well as making ourselves available for various charities and events within our local community, as we have always done, we hope to this year spearhead some new concepts and ideas of our own, in order to further increase the great reputation of Poole Bay Rotary Club.

The Christmas Float: The 2016 Christmas collection was a great success. With the tank engine having a full restoration this summer and following the success of the collections we made last Christmas, we aim in 2017 for the tank engine to be manned this year 50% by the club and 50% by outside organisations. With the new addition of Facebook and social media support, the reputation of the float is ever growing and we would like where possible to retain as much fundraising money collected within the Club. The 50/50 split is aimed to be one night on and one night off for 14 nights, with the Club manning the float for a total of 7 nights. Within the Club, this would mean able bodied members of the club would roughly only need to volunteer 2 nights each, with friends and family of the Club also welcomed and perh

aps younger members from BNG picking up where older members of the Club may struggle.

Toddlethon: Having had yet another successful year in 2017, we will continue to offer preschool children the opportunity to

take part in this yearly fundraiser at Poole Park. Again, this event will be supported by social media in the hope that parents may bring children along to compete in situations where preschools are unable to commit. Supermarket Collections: Christmas supermarket collections will continue as normal and we hope to also include Easter collections for the coming Rotary year.

Lion’s Swimathon: We will continue to support this event as the club has done for many years. Having waived our normal 20% share in takings from this event in 2016 due to Lion’s Club centenary, we hope to resume as normal in 2017.

Indian Mela: For this 2017 event in August, Poole Bay Rotary Club will assist the Indian Melee food event in Poole by supplying volunteers, advice and assistance in the general organisation of an outside event. For the 2018 event, it has been agreed that Poole Bay Rotary Club will culturally enhance the Indian Melee with the introduction of Holi and Diwali elements to the event, making the event more than just a food festival and enhancing the entire scope of the event. This will mean a percentage of takings will be retained by the Club and Rotary Foundation.

Business Networking Group BNG group events are usually planned and executed every 3-4 months. As well as raising money and awareness for various local charities and organisations, BNG hope to dedicate an event to the raising of funds and awareness for the Club and Rotary Foundation. Business Partners We continue to value our Business Partners with their contributions continuing to help pay for unavoidable Club costs. There will be a push from both BNG and TEG to find additional Business Partners for this coming Rotary year.

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