Business Networking Group

I feel very privileged to have been asked to Chair the Business Networking Group in its first full year of operation. Taking over from Dimpee, who has got us up and running will be a challenge – but one I’m looking forward to, with her support.

Much of what we will be doing will be an integral to the Club’s overall plans, so here’s a few things that are more specific to the BNG: We will be playing our part, working with the Membership Committee, to help increase the Club’s overall membership to 45.

The Plantation now has a new function room which will easily accommodate our target membership of 20 - and the 2 planned quarterly business meetings hosted by BNG. Delighted that all BNG members are now part of the various committees and able to play a full part in shaping and developing the life of the Club.

It’s good to see individuals from the BNG taking on and championing Club projects. It’s Important for us that all projects, whomever is leading them, are seen by both groups as Club projects, not BNG or TEG projects. With a growing membership, we’re looking forward to the Club having a greater impact and tack ling some new, different, perhaps challenging projects Key to all of this, we are looking to have FUN over the next 12 months and enjoy being Rotarians.

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