Poole Bay Rotary
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Throughout December, the Poole Bay Rotary Santa Express will be out and about, around the streets of Poole and Bournemouth.  Simply check the dates below to find out  the closest route to you.

Come and meet Santa, enjoy the music as we blast our way along the street bringing Christmas cheer.

Just click on each route in the table below to access the map for that night.  It normally takes about 2 hours to complete Santa's journey. 

Please note that all timings are approximate and these together with the exact routes may vary depending on traffic conditions and weather.  In the event of extreme weather an evening may be cancelled. 


As well as helping to get your Christmas off to a fantastic start, we are also collecting for charity.  Thank you for your generous support.  In 2017 you donated a total of £7,306.  


Please take care when you come out to see the Santa Express.  We recommend that you stand on the pavement, for your own safely.  Please be especially careful if you have young children with you. 

For the latest information please check our Facebook page:  pooleyoungrotary

 Date                               Route                        Lead Organisation            Start time

Tue 4 Dec                        Longfleet                             Poole Rotary                       6.00pm

Wed 5 Dec               Upper Parkstone (south)       Poole Bay Rotary                  6.00pm

Thu 6 Dec                Upper Parkstone (north)              Home-Start                     6.00pm

Fri 7 Dec                            Oakdale                           Poole Bay Rotary                  6.00pm

Sat 8 Dec                        Broadstone                            Poole Lions                        5.30pm

Mon 10 Dec                   Upton (west)                       Poole Bay Rotary                 6.00pm

Tue 11 Dec                     Upton (east)                        Poole Bay Rotary                 6.00pm

Wed 12 Dec                   Southbourne                     Westbourne Rotary               5.00pm

Thu 13 Dec                     Creekmoor                       Poole Soroptimists                 6.00pm

Fri 14 Dec                     Hamworthy (east)                Poole Bay Rotary                  6.00pm

Sat 15 Dec                       Broadstone                          * CANCELLED *                   5.30pm

Mon 17 Dec                   Stanley Green                          Water Aid                          6.00pm

Tue 18 Dec                     Hamworthy (west)             Parkstone Rotary                 6.00pm

Wed 19 Dec                   Canford Heath                      Poole Bay Rotary                6.00pm

Fri 21 Dec                      Lower Parkstone                   Poole Bay Rotary                6.00pm

Sat 22 Dec                       Talbot Village                        Poole Bay Rotary                5.00pm